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  1. What does the ICB do?
    The ICB handles complaints from policyholders arising from personal insurance contracts, including claims decision of insurers, maladministration of insurers, incorrect policy information provided by insurers. However, the disputes must be of monetary nature.

  2. How does the ICB help resolve a complaint?
    The ICB handles claim-related complaints by way of adjudication and non-claim related complaints by way of mediation.

  3. Do I have to pay for the service rendered by the ICB?
    The ICB provides free service to complainants, but the complaints must satisfy the conditions as set forth in the terms of reference of the ICB.

  4. How do I file a complaint to the ICB against an insurer?
    You have to write a complaint letter to the ICB together with the completed authorization form and copies of all supporting documents such as whole set of policy document, policy application form, written notification by the insurer concerned of its final decision, claim form, medical report, etc.  You may visit our website for more information.

  5. Do I need to go to the ICB office to lodge a complaint?
    No, you can lodge your complaint to the ICB by post, email or fax.  For non-claim related complaint which is referred to mediation, the complainant has to attend the mediation sessions. 

  6. Will the ICB acknowledge receipt of my complaint?
    The ICB is committed to process initial screening and issue acknowledgement with reference number within 14 working days after it first receives a complaint.

  7. Does the ICB accept my complaint which is under appeal to insurer?
    No, the ICB will only handle complaints which the insurer has made its final decision.

  8. Is there any time frame to lodge a complaint with the ICB?
    The complaint has to be filed to the ICB within 6 months from the day of notification by the insurer of its final decision.

  9. Does the ICB accept complaints of whatever dispute amount?
    The ICB only handles complaints with dispute amount up to HK$1,000,000.  For complaints over its jurisdiction limit, complainants may consider seeking legal advice or taking the matter to the court of law.

  10. Does the ICB handle complaints which are subject to legal proceedings?
    The ICB will not handle complaints which are subject to or have completed legal proceedings or arbitration.

  11. Does the ICB handle complaints lodged by non-HK residents?
    Yes, but the insurance policy concerned must be issued by insurers which are Members of the ICB.

  12. How long does the ICB take to resolve a complaint?
    The average processing time for the ICB to handle a case is about 4 to 6 months, however, more time may be needed if the case is complex.

  13. Does the ICB handle complaints arising from all insurance products?
    The ICB only handles complaints arising from personal insurance policies but has no jurisdiction to handle disputes arising from industrial, commercial or third party insurance, such as third party motor insurance, group insurance, employee compensations, etc.

  14. Where can I find information regarding the cases handled by the ICB?
    You may visit the ICB website for complaint statistics or download our annual reports for Case Review.

  15. Does the ICB handle complaints arising from misconduct of insurance agent?
    No, the ICB has no jurisdiction to handle complaints relating to insurance agents’ misconduct.  You may consider lodging the complaint to Insurance Agent Registration Board (IARB) for misconduct or breach of professional ethics of insurance agents and its email is hkfi@hkfi.org.hk.