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Insurance Claims Complaints Panel

The Insurance Claims Complaints Panel (Complaints Panel) is appointed by the ICB with the objective of providing independent and impartial adjudication of complaints between insurers and their policyholders. The Complaints Panel handles claims complaints either from policyholders themselves or their beneficiaries and rightful claimants.

The Complaints Panel is an independent body.  It is led by an independent Chairman, appointed with the prior consent of the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury. It has four members, two from within the insurance industry and two from outside.

At present, the Complaints Panel's jurisdiction limit is HKD1,000,000. The Complaints Panel's decisions are binding on members of the ICB, without any right of appeal. However, if complainants find the Complaints Panel's decision unacceptable, they are free to seek legal redress, because their legal rights are not affected by the decisions of the Complaints Panel.