| Lodging a Complaint | Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. The complaint is claim-related.

  2. The claim amount does not exceed HK$1,000,000*.

  3. The insurer concerned is a Member of the ICB.

  4. The policy concerned is a personal insurance policy.

  5. The complaint is filed by a policyholder/beneficiary/rightful claimant.

  6. The insurer concerned has made its final decision on the claim.

  7. The complaint is filed with the ICB within six months from the day of notification by the insurer of its final decision.

  8. The dispute in question does not arise from industrial, commercial or third party insurance.

  9. The claim is not subject to legal proceedings or arbitration.
If an insured holds multiple policies, the aggregate amount of the individual claims involved should not exceed HK$1,000,000 should the causes of the claim rejection be identical or similar. As regards long-tail and periodic claims, the total claim amount, calculated up to a period of five years, should not exceed HK$1,000,000.