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Welcome Message

Greetings, welcome to the website of the Insurance Complaints Bureau (ICB).

With an aim to further protect consumer interests, the insurance industry has initiated a holistic consumer protection framework.  The ICB was inaugurated on 16 January 2018 to supersede the Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau (ICCB) which was established in February 1990.  The ICB aims at providing consumers with a free, convenient, efficient and accessible one-stop avenue in helping resolve all insurance-related disputes of monetary value, be they claim-related or otherwise.  The Board of Directors of the previous ICCB comprised of industry members only.  To enhance independence and impartiality, the Board of Directors of the ICB has been restructured by bringing in majority members from outside the insurance industry.  I am privileged to be appointed the inaugural Chairman. Myself and fellow Committee Members shall be delighted to serve you the best way we can within our mandate.

For claim-related complaints, the ICB will maintain the existing adjudication service by the Insurance Claims Complaints Panel (Complaints Panel), which is an independent body appointed by the ICB.  You can get access to many of the cases handled by the Complaints Panel over the past years and the rationale behind its decisions by clicking into the various ICCB Annual Reports in the “Information Centre” section. 

For non-claim related complaints of a monetary nature, the ICB will introduce a new mediation service in Q2 2018 to handle such insurance disputes.

Our website provides a wide range of information and guidance about the objectives and services of the ICB.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Mrs Pamela Chan Wong Shui, Hon Doc SS, BBS, JP